30 years of making music

About us

The Tynedale Orchestra (formerly Tynedale Symphony Orchestra) was formed in 1988 to enable musicians in the Hexham area to rehearse together and give concerts.

We usually give concerts twice a year in the Autumn and Spring terms.

We are currently conducting rehearsals which take place at Queen Elizabeth High School in Hexham on Thursday evenings from 19.30.

The orchestra has grown steadily and now has over 40 members.

We like to play with local musicians and have had a number of soloists – both professional and amateur – from the area perform with us.

We have been lucky enough to perform with musicians from the Royal Northern Sinfonia; Bradley Creswick (violin), Iona Brown (violin), Nick Byrne (cello).

We have provided a platform for young local musicians looking for their first public outings, some of whom have gone on to play professionally; Rosemary Attree (violin), Simon Passmore (piano), Andrew Passmore (piano), Susie Winkworth (cello).

We have also encouraged orchestra members to play concertos with us; Lucy Beckman (clarinet), Susie Winkworth (cello), Frank O’Connor (french horn).

Graeme McKinnon was the first conductor of the orchestra (1988 – 1990) and was followed by Mike Thorne (1990 – 1995). Percy Lovell joined us for 10 years (1995 – 2005) and Alex Lewis is our current conductor (2005 – present).

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